Silja Swaby, half Jamaican, half Finnish, is a marine biologist and author. Funded by Arts Council England, she has won competitions, and been placed in prizes and awards. She is working on a series of futuristic thrillers, featuring a female biologist whose quiet academic life takes a drastic turn. Silja has taken creative writing courses at Cambridge University and more recently Yale University, USA.

Silja tutors writers, gives workshops, and provides a critique service. She is happily unmarried and lives in deepest Somerset, UK.

Silja Swaby is pronounced Sil-yah Sway-bee.

September 18, 2008

Rejections are stations

Although every author has a few rejections under their belt, it’s never a good feeling when ‘that letter’ arrives. My great friend and writer, Jenny Cole, said, ‘Look on rejection as a station on a train journey. It’s just one of things you pass through.’

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john e white said...

Hi Silja
A friend once told me that rejections are like policemen - when you don't want them three turn up at once. But it only takes one acceptance to change the future.

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