Silja Swaby, half Jamaican, half Finnish, is a marine biologist and author. Funded by Arts Council England, she has won competitions, and been placed in prizes and awards. She is working on a series of futuristic thrillers, featuring a female biologist whose quiet academic life takes a drastic turn. Silja has taken creative writing courses at Cambridge University and more recently Yale University, USA.

Silja tutors writers, gives workshops, and provides a critique service. She is happily unmarried and lives in deepest Somerset, UK.

Silja Swaby is pronounced Sil-yah Sway-bee.

December 11, 2008

Borrowed books

How many times have you searched for a book and suddenly remembered you’d lent it to someone? But who? It’s a killer. You want it back, but you don’t feel right ringing round the likely suspects to find out whose got it. What do you do? When you lend a book, make sure it’s clear you want it back. Write down the name, title and date on a post-it and stick it in your diary or on a noticeboard. When their ‘time is up’ or you want it back politely let them know. This system is great for CD’s, DVD’s and anything else you lend out and saves you time looking for something that isn’t there!!

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john white said...

Hi Silja, Any chance I could you could return the handcuffs?

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