Silja Swaby, half Jamaican, half Finnish, is a marine biologist and author. Funded by Arts Council England, she has won competitions, and been placed in prizes and awards. She is working on a series of futuristic thrillers, featuring a female biologist whose quiet academic life takes a drastic turn. Silja has taken creative writing courses at Cambridge University and more recently Yale University, USA.

Silja tutors writers, gives workshops, and provides a critique service. She is happily unmarried and lives in deepest Somerset, UK.

Silja Swaby is pronounced Sil-yah Sway-bee.

January 09, 2009

Brain race

We are members of one the most successful species on Earth. Our brains evolved to solve essential survival problems, so I therefore assume 03.00 was a good time to process all that stuff. I tell myself this when my brain starts up at 02.59 – it doesn’t help.

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john white said...

I think, medically, 3am is when the brain and bladder meet. 2.59 is when we realise we shouldn't have had that extra cup of coffee. Or is that just me?

By the way I submitted the Messenger to Camilla Bolton on Wednesday. I gather Darley Anderson Agency deal with Lee Childs 'Jack Reacher' too.

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