Silja Swaby, half Jamaican, half Finnish, is a marine biologist and author. Funded by Arts Council England, she has won competitions, and been placed in prizes and awards. She is working on a series of futuristic thrillers, featuring a female biologist whose quiet academic life takes a drastic turn. Silja has taken creative writing courses at Cambridge University and more recently Yale University, USA.

Silja tutors writers, gives workshops, and provides a critique service. She is happily unmarried and lives in deepest Somerset, UK.

Silja Swaby is pronounced Sil-yah Sway-bee.

June 21, 2012

kdp -the way to publish

Kindle desk top publishing takes out the middle men - agents, publishers. OK if you do take that route (that is - if they decide they can sell your work), they do a valuable job. They also take approx 90% of each book sold. Now with kdp you can do it yourself. Yes it takes more work, but you retain absolute control and bank approx 70% of anything you sell. Makes you think!


Kate said...

Ah, but the problem is that without the backing of marketing and distribution you probably won't sell so many so may end up earning less. Unless of course you already have an established readership.

I've been interested to see self published authors moving towards both kindle and print runs. The advantage being that you have paperback copies to push at promotional events and can reach that portion of the market that has yet to embrace the e-book.

Silja Swaby said...

There is no right or wrong way and much is down to luck. An author I know is using Createspace so readers can get hold of a hard copy, but yes. If you self-publish then all the marketing and distribution is down to you.

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